Fun Olympics at Pinaroo Park

Seven teams of four marched themselves to Pinaroo Park to compete in the Noosa GV Fun Olympics and had a ball of a time.

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The students were given a task to come up with their own team names and participate in a round of olympic activity’s.  the students were faced against the challenge of Teabag Throwing, Plastic Baseball, Sack Races, Ping-Pong and Spoon Races, Three legged Races and Dizzy Pole Relay’s.

Ana Paula took out the award for the ‘Worst Tea Bag Thrower’ as she planted one high in the Banksia tree.  Ricky also had a lot of trouble when he realised the tea bag should land in front of the line, not behind the line.

Nearly everybody was disoriented after spinning around a pole for ten times and it certainly slowed them down to reach the finish line.

The winning team ‘Masa’, were awarded with special GV medallions which they will be able to show off in their home countries.

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Funolympicsand Magicbysean 060

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