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Here is a great example of the writing tasks our FCE students are doing.

Marc Kinder1

Last Friday, I went to the cinema to watch Invictus with the FCE classes. It’s about Nelson Mandela’s life when he was just elected President of South Africa. And wanted to see his dream become a reality; black and white people who will be equal under the same flag.

At this time the rugby world vup took place in South Africa and rugby was still a sport for white people. Mandela used this opportunity to unify South Africans under the Spring Boke team, symbol of the apartheid.

He knew that if the spring Boke won all the country could be unified. He asked the Spring Boke captain to work with him to help him achieve this.

It was such a great movie with famous actors; Morgan Freeman (Mandela) and Matt Damon(Francois). It helpd to understand what happened in this country at this time and what Nelson Mandela had lived in prison.

Before watching the movie, we did some language  activities about the movie and sang the movie’s theme song and read the poem ‘Invictus. In the afternoon, we discussed the movie and the different interpretation of it.

Thanks to my teacher, I watched a great movie, learned something about the history of South Africa and improved my understanding.

Finally, I want to share with you a part of the poem I really like, which helped Nelson Mandela incarceration in prison for 9000 days.

              I thank whatever gods may be

              For my unconquerable soul

             I am the master of my fate

             I am captain of my soul

 Marc Kinder  from FCE 2   Dionne

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