English and surfing: A winning combination

Dong Gi Kim joined us from Korea last week to study English and Surfing, and he is loving his time at Global Village.  I took the opportunity to ask Dong Gi a few questions about his experience so far, and he was all smiles.

Q: What is the best part about studying here in Noosa?

A: The friendly people, great waves and beautiful weather.

Q: Have you tried surfing before you came here?

A: No, never.  There are no surfing spots in Korea that I know of.  The water is cold and often dirty.  The beaches are not as nice as here.

Q: So, did you stand up in your first lesson?

A: Yes, I stood up on the board for about 5 seconds on my first day!

Q: And have you improved since then?

A: Yes, I have made it all the way to the beach a few times… it is so much fun.  On my third lesson the conditions were fantastic, nice waves

Q: How would you rate your teachers here at GV?

A: Fantastic.  They are friendly, helpful and patient with my limited English. They make learning fun.

Q: Have you made many new friends since you’ve been here?

A: Too many to count.  I now have friends from all over the world.  My list of friends on facebook is much longer than it used to be!

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