Conscious and Creative Reusable Bag Making – Sunshine Coast – 22 November

Our students used their creativity for an environmentally conscious fashion project!

In a world that is increasingly aware of environmental issues, the concept of upcycling has gained significant traction. One conscious, creative and eco-friendly way to contribute to this movement is by making reusable bags from secondhand t-shirts. This not only reduces textile waste but also provides a conscious, stylish and functional alternative to single-use plastic bags.

Conscious Reusable Bag Making

Plastic bags cause many negative effects for us and the environment. Plastic waste affects all types of biomes and organisms. These consequences can be seen all over the world and are a multinational, worldwide issue that must be addressed. Plastic bags continually cause harm to natural environments from the beginning to the end of their life cycle. Turtles have been especially affected by plastic bags in the ocean. Turtles have been known to confuse plastic bags for jellyfish (one of their common food sources) and eat them unknowingly. Over half of the world’s sea turtles ingest plastic in their lifetime.

Our wonderful eco-conscious students embarked on a creative journey to reduce waste and make a positive environmental impact. Transforming second-hand t-shirts into reusable bags is a fun and practical way to contribute to a greener planet. It’s a small step that collectively makes a significant impact, showcasing that eco-conscious choices can be both stylish and accessible, and making your own reusable bags is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing eco-friendly bags!

All we needed for this project was a pair of scissors, our secondhand t-shirt and our creative minds! Firstly, we lay the t-shirts flat in order to measure and cut the fabric, we then cut off the bottom hem, which we would use at a later stage to create our handle. We then cut inch-wide strips vertically along the bottom of the t-shirt. We then stretched the material and knotted the strips together to form the tassels. We repeated the process two more times, on each of the sleeves. The final step was looping the bottom hem we cut at the start through the arms to create the handle. The students did an amazing job of creating their own bags and also of supporting each other throughout the workshop.

Conscious Reusable Bag Making 2

Conscious Reusable Bag Making 3 Scaled

Conscious Reusable Bag Making 5 Scaled

Conscious Reusable Bag Making Scaled

Not only do the students now have a beautiful one-of-a-kind “Australian-made” bag to take on their next adventure, the students will also be wearing a conversation starter about sustainability and the importance of repurposing items!


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