Byron Bay – A warm welcome to our new students – 24 July 2023

Today we are thrilled to welcome 3 new General English students from Japan and Taiwan. Plus 6 new students from Kanagawa Pref BOE Teacher Training Group who will be completing General English in the mornings and Teacher Training in the afternoons.


A Warm Welcome To Our New Students A Warm Welcome To Our New Students


Jotei joins us from Japan. Jotei has a goal of learning to speak English in a year. She plans to accomplish that goal by studying at Lexis Byron Bay and then working in a customer-facing job. She also loves the beach and wants to try surfing but is hesitant because of sharks.


Sota also joins us from Japan. Sota is completing our Teen Activity Program (TAP) which involves part-time English classes and surf lessons 5-days a week! He chose to study in Byron Bay because he could study and concurrently surf, which is his favourite hobby.


Annie joins us from Taiwan. Annie chose to study in Australia for the beautiful views, lovely people from around the world and friendly culture. It’s been her dream destination for a number of years, and she is thrilled to be here.


Hiroshi joins us from Kanagawa Pref, Japan. Hiroshi has gained many experiences and broadened his world by learning English, and he hopes to give his students that opportunity. He chose to study in Australia because English is the native language, and he can practice with the locals and international students.


Kan also joins us from Kanagawa Pref, Japan. Kan has been teaching English for 4-years in Kanagawa and his strength is grammar. He would like to improve his ability to engage and motivate students to love learning English.


Akari also joins us from Kanagawa Pref, Japan. Akari wanted to improve her English and her boss had the wonderful idea of sending her to study at Lexis English Byron Bay. Akari wants to meet people from around the world and immerse herself in Australian culture. When she returns to Japan, she will share her experience with her English students.


Yuki also joins us from Kanagawa Pref, Japan. When in college, Yuki studied abroad in the United States and developed an American accent. He chose to study in Australia this time to experience the Aussie vernacular and accent. He thinks the teacher training will be very beneficial personally and for all the teachers and one day he would like to facilitate the training.


Ryosuke also joins us from Kanagawa Pref, Japan. Ryosuke is determined to improve his English speaking. He is excited to converse with people from different countries and with different English accents. He will share his experiences in Australia with his students in Japan and hopes to inspire them to study abroad.


Yukihiro also joins us from Kanagawa Pref, Japan. Yukihiro was offered the invaluable opportunity from his institution to come to Australia and improve his English. His professional goal is to be an engaging teacher for his students. He also loves surfing and can’t wait to go surfing in Byron.


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