Byron Bay- Welcome New Students- 27 November 2023

We are thrilled to welcome 7 new students from Japan, Colombia, Brazil, Spain and Chile.

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Kiho joins us from Japan. Her favorite activity in the world is to swim. She worked as a swim coach in Japan and is hoping to eventually become one in Australia too. She wants to learn English to allow her to better understand other people and fulfill her dream of teaching swimming in English. She would also like to try diving whilst she is here. Welcome Kiho!


Ayuto also joins us from Japan. Ayuto loves to surf and drink coffee. He has come to study English in Byron Bay because of his love for travel. Learning English will allow him to communicate with more people on his travels. He is excited to practice his surfing whilst in Byron Bay. Welcome Ayuto!


Moe also joins us from Japan. Moe loves to listen to music, bake sweet treats and play the piano. She also adores animals. Moe has come to study English to allow her to communicate with foreign people and also be able to enjoy English television and media. Welcome Moe!


Estel joins us from Spain. She likes to spend time with her friends, read books, hike and spend time at the beach. She has come to study English to increase her fluency and ability to talk with many people. Whilst she is here she is hoping to hire a van and travel up to Noosa. Welcome Estel!


David joins us from Colombia. He loves to surf and skate. David was previously studying Marine Biology in Colombia but has taken some time off to improve his academic English abilities. This will allow him to go to university and continue his studies. Welcome David!


Luana joins us from Brazil. Her hobbies include, photography, volleyball, publications and watching her favorite shows on Netflix. She is here to study English to improve her job opportunities and allow her better communication on her travels. Welcome Luana!


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Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General EnglishIELTSFCECAE, and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach. 

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