Byron Bay – A warm welcome to our new students – 26 June 2023

Today we are thrilled to welcome 2 new students from Japan!


A Warm Welcome To Our New Students
Hiroki (left) and Aito (right)


Hiroki joins us from Japan. Hiroki works at an Interior Design office and with colleagues from around the world. In his workplace, English serves as the universal language of communication, and Hiroki is keenly aware of the importance of mastering it. So, he decided to study at Lexis Byron Bay. His ultimate goal is to start a new life in Australia. To make his dream a reality, he needs to achieve a score of 6 on the IELTS test.


Aito also joins us from Japan. Aito is staying with an Aussie host family and is keen to immerse himself in Byron Bay culture, eat local foods and surf the best beaches. He also has a desire to make friends from around the world. Aito wants to improve his English so that he can communicate effectively and build meaningful relationships with people from all corners of the globe.


Not studying with us yet, but would like to?

Lexis Byron delivers academic excellence in arguably Australia’s most desirable study location where you can combine your studies with the great outdoors. Studying at Lexis Byron is more than an experience, it’s a lifestyle! Lexis Byron offers an unrivalled afterschool activity calendar that includes surf lessons, cooking classes, artistic activities, afternoon escapes to surrounding hotspots and full-day weekend adventures. If you want more information on the courses that we offer, click here.


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General EnglishIELTSFCECAE, and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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