Byron Bay- Welcome New Students!- 6 November 2023

We are thrilled to welcome 11 new students from Spain, Switzerland, Japan, Italy and Germany!

New Students!

G2 Scaled

Jordi joins us from Spain. Jordi enjoys hiking and climbing in the mountains near his hometown. He has come to Australia to better his English skills and find future opportunities. Welcome Jordi!

Anna also joins us from Spain. She enjoys reading and playing sports in her free time. She has come to Australia to become more fluent in her English. She believes it is important to continue to learn as she moves into her future. Welcome Ann!

Irati also joins us from Spain. Irati’s dream is to eventually work in the tourism industry, which is why she has come to study English. She also has come to learn about new people and a new culture. Welcome Irati!

Carla joins us from Switzerland. She has come to study English in Byron Bay to allow her better communication with more people. She is also learning to surf! After her studies she is going to travel down the South Coast of Australia and volunteer at an organisation. Welcome Carla!

Oxana also joins us from Switzerland. She has come to study English so she can pursue her dream career as a pilot. She also just loves learning new languages. Oxana also loves all things adventure including swimming, running, and sport-shooting. Welcome Oxana!

Florian also joins us from Switzerland. Florian loves to swim and cycle on his mountain bike as well as jog through the forest near his home. He is planning to explore the East Coast of Australia after his studies at Lexis English Byron Bay. Welcome Florian!

Courtney also joins us from Switzerland. Courtney loves to crochet and sew; she loves to make beach cover-ups in the summertime. She has come to study in Byron Bay to improve her English skills and make new friends. Welcome Courtney!

Lukas also joins us from Switzerland. At home, Lukas worked as a mechanic, his main interests are motorbikes and anything to do with them! He is hoping to learn English to better help him in his future studies. Welcome Lukas!

Kouki joins us from Japan. Kouki has come to Australia to improve his English skills and fluency as well as make many new friends. He loves to skate and snowboard but would like to challenge himself to learn to surf! Welcome Kouki!

Attilio joins us from Italy. He is a chef, but his main passions are skating and surfing. Attilio has come to study English to better understand the language and to help him in his future travels. His sister also lives in Australia! Welcome Attilio.

Stefanie joins us from Germany. Stefanie loves travelling and riding motorcycles. She has come to spend her retirement in Australia all whilst improving her English skills. She also is excited to meet new people and make new connections. Welcome Stefanie!


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