Byron Bay- A Warm Welcome to our New Students- 30 October 2023

Today we welcome 16 new students from Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Korea and Japan!

New students at Lexis English Byron Bay began their first day of school with great enthusiasm, eager to embark on their language learning journey in a vibrant and immersive environment.

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Maira joins us from Switzerland. Maira works as a nurse in Switzerland but has come to study in Byron Bay because of her love of the ocean. Welcome Maira!

Sarah also joins us from Switzerland. Sarah loves everything related to sports from hiking to skiing. She has always wanted to come to Australia and learn the English language, and so she decided on Byron Bay. Welcome Sarah!

Dario also joins us from Switzerland. Dairo’s passion is Freeriding. Freeriding is skiing or snowboarding on natural or ‘ungroomed’ terrain. After his studies in Byron Bay, Dairo is heading to Thailand to continue travelling. Welcome Dario!

Leonor joins us from Spain. Leonor is a nurse by practice and loves children. She has come to study English to benefit her travels and have the ability to converse with many different people. Welcome Leonor!

Laura C.  also joins us from Spain. She has come to study English to allow her more opportunities from jobs and be able to converse with many people. Laura hopes to eventually work in Real Estate. Welcome Laura C.!

Laura S. also joins us from Spain. She has come to study in Byron Bay because of her love of surfing. She also wants to improve her English and live an unforgettable experience. Welcome Laura S.!

Margalida (Mavi) also joins us from Spain. She has come to Australia with her husband to improve their English and explore the country. Mavi also loves to surf. Welcome Mavi!

Gabriel also joins us from Spain. He enjoys surfing, reading, and travelling. Gabriel has come to study English with his wife to benefit their future job opportunities. Welcome Gabriel!

Anton joins us from Spain. Anton loves to surf with his friends, play tennis and watch football on television. Anton chose to study in Australia to explore the country and improve his English to expand is opportunities in the future. Welcome Anton!

Paula also joins us from Spain. Paula loves athletics, art, and design. It has been Paula’s dream since she was little to come to Australia. she is excited to enjoy all of the great things Byron Bay has to offer! Welcome Paula!

Marta also joins us from Spain. Marta loves all things art: books, writing and music. She chose to study is Australia because of the laid-back lifestyle, animals and lovely people. She would also like to become a psychologist. Welcome Marta!

Antoine joins us from Belgium. Antoine loves fishing and being outside Mother Nature. He worked as a lifeguard before he decided to come to study. His plan is Australia is to learn English and continue to explore the country. Welcome Antoine!

Rachel also joins us from Belgium. Rachel chose to come to Australia to see a new part of the world she has never been before and improve her English fluency she has recently completed her studies in psychology. Welcome Rachel!

Jiyoon joins us from Korea. Jiyoon loves to listen to music and watch movies, she finds them both very inspiring. Jiyoon is hoping to improve her English fluency and make some new friends whilst she’s in Australia. Welcome Jiyoon

Ami joins us from Japan. Ami loves yoga and swimming. In her future she is hoping to become a flight attendant. In the meantime, she has come to Australia to learn English to benefit her future opportunities.  Welcome Ami!

Dea joins us from Italy. Dea loves dancing, yoga, and meditation. She chose to study in Byron Bay because she loves the ocean and loves photography. She is excited to learn English and see a new part of the world. Welcome Dea!


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