Byron Bay- Fun and functional learning! – 11 January 2024

Here at Lexis Byron Bay, we like to combine learning and fun together! Our campus goes beyond traditional classrooms, offering students a unique experience that combines language learning with the vibrant spirit of Byron Bay

Here’s a glimpse into some of our recent classes, where students not only honed their English skills but also immersed themselves in the captivating lifestyle of Byron Bay, ensuring an unforgettable and enjoyable learning journey.

Byron Bay Lighthouse At Dawn

Nestled in the heart of Byron Bay, Lexis takes language learning beyond the conventional, immersing students in the world-renowned nature that surrounds our school.

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Byron Bay is well known for its beautiful nature, which is why our teachers love to take learning outside. Incorporating movement (yoga) and music into lessons. See our pre-intermediate classes enjoying educational nature walks and the joy of learning through songs.

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Our Intermediate class recently whipped up a mouthwatering pesto, turning language lessons into a delightful culinary experience. Students follow recipes, enhancing their English proficiency while creating delicious dishes.

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Thursdays are extra special as we head to the Byron Bay Farmers Market. Students can try local produce, providing the perfect setting for students to practice ordering skills with native English speakers.

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As well as these, classes love to get creative with arts and crafts Following instructions and communicating with classmates during these sessions offer a unique and enjoyable way to enhance English learning. Below is our elementary class creating costumes for a performance.

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Indigenous culture is such an important part of studying and living in Australia, which is why we incorporate indigenous art and knowledge into lessons and activities. See below some Indigenous inspired artwork our students created.

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Our school’s prime location includes a beautiful outdoor grass area where classes are often held on sunny days. This day was so lovely that our whole school was learning outside!

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At Lexis Byron Bay, we take pride in our immersive lessons, a testament to the dedication of our exceptional teachers and staff. Come join us on a journey where learning English is an adventure, and every class is an opportunity to explore the beauty of Byron Bay.

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