Sunshine Coast – Blissful Beach Sandcastle Building – 30 August

Buckets and Shovels at the ready!

Sandcastle Building, a blissful way to spend the afternoon after a morning of classes.

Did you know there is a record for the tallest sandcastle? The record is a huge 21.16m tall! The base of the sandcastle measured over 30m and more than 6,400 tons of sand were used to create it…

Blissful Sandcastle Building 2 1

What better way to spend your Wednesday afternoon than building sandcastles with new friends? Building Sandcastles is a cherished pastime enjoyed by people of all ages! Our lovely students, armed with their buckets and shovels, headed down to the beach to sculpt their masterpieces!

Blissful Sandcastle Building 3

The students used the trusted traditional bucket and shovel for their castles, as well as employing some different methods and tools to create!

Blissful Sandcastle Building 5

The students had fun creating their castles and had the chance to chat with new friends, a beautiful aspect of being part of a new learning environment.

Blissful Sandcastle Building 6

Blissful beach scenes for building sandcastles!

Blissful Sandcastle Building 7

All smiles! 🙂

Blissful Sandcastle Building


The students left with a blissful feeling, a new sense of connection with their fellow students and their newly made sandcastles sitting proudly on the beach.


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