Amanda’s Story..

Amanda came to see me today as she wanted to let everyone here know about her experience so far in Perth. Amanda is a journalist back in her home country (Brazil) and has been writing a fortnightly article for a newspaper the “A Gazeta” there since she has been here.

Amanda really wanted to share her experience. This is what she had to say….

I just wanted to talk to you about my life here in Australia. In Brazil I live in Mato Grosso and I work as a journalist there for a newspaper. Before I came to Australia I spoke with my editor and we agreed that I would write about my life in Australia. He really liked the idea and so I have been writing an article for the newspaper every fortnight. My articles are published on Sundays and I have now got quite a following of people who are reading about my life here! (I’m becoming a little famous :))

My life here is really good. I really like Australia. The people are friendly and receptive and open to helping and talking to me. For example in my first week when I was walking around looking lost, people came up to me and helped me out, which was really nice.

The school is great. There are many people from all over the world, I think more than 19 different countries. For me it is really important as I have learnt a lot about diverse cultures. It’s also really useful for my language development as I have to try hard to understand different accents, which will be really useful as that will be the world of English that I will be in when I go home.  Since I don’t always understand my classmates it makes me work harder and I also feel that I’m not alone in my development.


The schools location is unique for Perth. It is very close to the beach, cafes and restaurants. The teachers are good and have been really kind and nice. My teacher at the moment is Emma who is an Australian and I have found that to be very helpful as I like to listen to her accent which means I can understand more of the people around me in Australia. I listen to her as it helps me understand the other Australians I meet.

In general I have really enjoyed my time here in Perth. It’s a nice city, it’s not too hectic and busy but it has all of the things that you would want from a city. I’d recommend it to everyone!

Thanks Amanda… really nice of you to share!



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