Sunshine Coast – Yummy Aussie Snacks and Unique Aussie Slang – 23 August

G’day Mates!

On a beautifully sunny Wednesday arvo, our wonderful students had a ripper of a time trying some yummy Aussie snacks and learning some unique Aussie Slang!

Of course, first on the menu was Vegemite. Vegemite’s reputation had a few students hesitant about trying it, however after a bite or two, to some of the student’s surprise, it was a big thumbs up for this iconic Aussie spread!

Thumbs Up For Vegemite

Fairy bread was another yummy snack that gained the students approval. A kid’s party favourite, consisting of brightly coloured sprinkles on buttered bread, was a sweet treat that the students didn’t know they needed to try!

Fairy Bread And Vegemite


Fairy Bread Laughing

A variety of sweet Aussie treats were also on the menu, including: Anzac biccies, Lamingtons, and Tim Tams (would it really be a true Aussie snack offering without this family favourite choccy biccie?)

Yummy Sweet Biccy Treats

Finally, on offer was a popular brekkie drink, Milo! The students didn’t know what to expect from this drink with a chocolatey appearance, but it exceeded expectations, for some!

Milo Time

After tasting all of the yummy snacks on offer, the students were chockers!

We began the next part of the workshop… The wonderful world of Aussie Slang! The students dived into the unique and colourful words and terms that add character to conversations Down Under.

The students had a go’ at guessing and learning some new Aussie words and phrases. They had to decide whether they preferred having a yarn with a warm cuppa or a cold stubbie straight from the esky! Next time they go to a barbie with friends, they’ll know to take some chook and snags!

The students had a ripper arvo tasting yummy snacks with their mates and are on the way to becoming True Blue Aussies!

Group Thumbs Up Aussie Snacks


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