Toblerone Tasting – Terrific!

One batch of Swiss Toblerone Mousse just wasn’t enough!

Our students Sandra, Alexandra, Eileen and Astrid did a marvellous job in the GV Noosa kitchen today.  The Toblerone Mousse at high demand forced the girls to make two batches of sweet swiss mousse flavours.

400grams of Toblerone chocolate, 8 eggs and a cup full of cream was used per batch to satisfy the tastebuds of 20 students.  Sandra decided to add sugar as her secret ingredient to enhance the sweetness of her Swiss recipe, noone seemed to mind.

Nadia had time to paint a few extra green designs on the arms of students for St Patrick Day!  She is bound to see them all later for a drink and a dance.

Thankyou girls for your outstanding efforts.

The girls have been given a Noosa Cruiser Tour for Tuesday next week courtesy of “TRIBAL TRAVEL”.  If you would like to join them for a ride please see the girls at Tribal.  The boat leaves Tuesdays ONLY!

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