Sydney – Farewell to our awesome graduates – 17 May 2024

Congratulations to our amazing graduates at Lexis Manly!

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Congratulations to our graduates: Elena, Imma, Jun, Daiki, Anna, Kohei & Koki!

Today marks a momentous occasion as we bid farewell to our remarkable graduates from Lexis Manly. We did our graduation a little differently this Friday, and held the event at the beautiful Shelly Beach. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining for our graduates! For our students, their journey has been incredible, filled with diverse experiences, cultural exploration, and academic excellence. We listened to their stories, future aspirations and the precious moments they cherished throughout their time with us at Lexis Manly.

The dedication our students have shown in learning a new language is truly inspiring, and we are proud of all their hard work. To our graduates, we extend our sincere best wishes. We have every confidence that each of you is destined for a future filled with brightness and success. Well done and we hope you enjoyed your time at Lexis Manly!

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Jun with his teachers over his time here: Geovane, Karen, and Mick.

Jun was at Lexis Manly for 41 weeks and has been at the campus since May 2023. Jun has made awesome progress during his time and is graduating today in our IELTS Preparation class. Jun in his personal life is a soccer player and during the 1 year he has been in Sydney, he has been working as a soccer coach teaching kids how to play the sport! He hopes to stay in Sydney for a long time as he plans to extend his visa and apply to be a permanent resident! Jun describes “Lexis as his second home,” and we hope to see him around! We wish you all the best for your future Jun!

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Anna & Kohei with their teacher Nathalia.

Anna and Kohei are graduating from our Pre-Intermediate class today, with Anna being here for 12 weeks and Kohei here for 8 weeks. We will miss seeing their smiling faces around the campus! They both loved to participate in our activities especially our recent cooking class and art workshops. Kohei plans to stay in Sydney for a little while longer as he found a job working in a Japanese restaurant and Anna is now making the big move to the other side of Australia – Perth! We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours!

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Elena, Imma & Koki with their teacher Mick.

Elena, Imma and Koki are graduating from our Upper Intermediate class. They have all made such amazing progress and we wish them the best of luck for their future plans!

Elena is our Italian ray of sunshine, with her positive energy and smiling face always lighting up the campus. Elena was at Lexis Manly for 13 weeks starting off in Pre-Intermediate and graduating today in Upper Intermediate. What amazing progress in the short time she was here!

Imma was also such a lovely student, always participating in our workshops to improve her English skills. We will miss seeing her around the campus! Imma is now off on a big adventure where she will be travelling around Australia for 3 months. We hope your time at Lexis Manly has helped your English skills evolve and you are now well prepared for all your travels.

Koki was only at Lexis Manly for 4 weeks but truly embraced the experience. Koki impressed us all with his amazing artistic talents that he showed us in our weekly art workshops. Koki now plans to stay in Sydney for another year and hopefully get to travel around and explore more of Australia!

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Our congratulations to:

  • IELTS Preparation – Jun Fujii
  • Advanced – Gabriel Rodrigues Batista Sima
  • Upper Intermediate – Elena Lucchini, Koki Tomiyama, Inmaculada Robles Pares, Omer Faruk Acar, Rocio Virginia Aimone
  • Intermediate – Daiki Kakinuma, Seiya Matsuo
  • Pre-Intermediate – Anna Sakaue, Kohei Shimizu, Alyssia Benady


All the best to our graduates from Lexis Manly!


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