Sydney – Celebrating our amazing graduates – 9 February 2024

Congratulations to our hard working graduates at Lexis Manly!

All classes gathered to celebrate this week’s graduates

Today we had a big graduation down by the beach, celebrating 29 graduates at Lexis Manly. All classes joined us as we said goodbye to a big group of students.

The dedication shown by our students in learning a new language fills us with pride, and we are truly impressed by their hard work. To all our graduates, we are immensely proud of your accomplishments, and we are confident that bright futures await for each and every one of you – well done and huge a congratulations to all of you!

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Fatih with his FCE teacher Steve

Everyone around campus knew and loved Fatih, he is one of our school’s great personalities that you can’t get past. He is one of the people that you will never forget, his kindness, humor and social being made a huge impact on many. Not only does he always smile, but not a day went past in the last 6month’s where Fatih didn’t make his entire class, teacher and our Lexis team laugh – occasionally even cry from laughter. He has the ability to fill any room effortlessly with happiness and joy. Lucky for us, he will be staying in Sydney for a little longer and we will surely see him around.

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Upper intermediate graduates: Denise, Cristina, Bruno, Sota and Thais with their teacher Mac

Mac had to wish half of his class farewell today. The students were part of the Lexis family for the past 2-24 weeks and graduating on a very high level of English!

Sota impressed every of his teachers with his great contributions, over the past 6 month he not only made a lot of international friends but also grew very close to his host family. Making it hard to say goodbye not only for everyone at Lexis, but also for Sota himself. It was great watching him settle in and making the most of every day on this adventure. We are proud of your amazing English skills and hope it helps you with your studies in Japan!

Cristina is best described as a Spanish ray of sunshine at Lexis. Her classmates and new friends adored her and she was always seen surrounded by people. Needless to say it took her no time to settle in and fully enjoy the Northern Beaches lifestyle – over only 6 weeks she has fallen in love with it so much that she is already planning her next trip here for September 2024. For now, we wish you a great time traveling the east coast over the next weeks and look forward to seeing you again later this year!

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Intermediate graduates: Kaito, Anrzej and Eugen with their teacher Geovane

Andrzej and Lexis Manly seem to be a perfect match! This has already been his third enrolment over the past 2 years so he is used to saying goodbye but therefore experienced Manly through all seasons and made three experiences at Lexis Manly with entirely different students surrounding him. We adore having Andrzej with us every year and are amazed at how brave a 17 year old can be. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon, for your fourth enrolment!

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Our graduates from morning class: Hiroki, Yonosuke, Sakiho, Zayed, Sakura, Kaito, Andrzej, Ritsuki, Sota, Cristina, Denise, Bruno, Thais, Fatih, Mathias and Nathaniel

Our congratulations go to:

General English graduates

  • FCE Preparation – Fatih Yilmaz
  • IELTS Preparation – Victoria Weirich Soriano, Diana Veselinovska
  • Advanced – Mthias Roethlin, Nathanael Schmid, Didem Mutlu, Ceren Mutlu, Shara Perez Estrada, Esma Onder
  • Upper Intermediate – Sota Sasaki, Thais Meirelles Torres, Cristina Marquez Munoz, Denise Baechler, Bruno Da Silva Falcao
  • Intermediate – Kaito Mori, Eugen Bohl, Andrzej Golos, Eray Isbilir, Ritsuki Oe
  • Pre-Intermediate – Sakiho Higami, Zayed Aldohan, Natsumi Nagata, Miko Kikuchi, Ronaldo Muzeti dos Santos, Sakura Shimokawa, Gabriela Ormeno
  • Elementary – Hiroki Imagawa, Yonosuke Sugimoto


All the best to our graduates from Lexis Manly!


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