Sunshine Coast – Graduation – 15 March

Today we are saying goodbye to some students



Carlos Anja Esther Kate Kim And Anja Mel And Co


  1. Carlos from Brazil has been with us for almost 6 months, he will go to Brisbane an maybe him and his wife will come back to Sunshine Coast later in the year. We will miss Carlos!
  2. Anja and Kim from our Intermediate class are graduating today. Anja will go to study in Lexis Noosa for months and Kim will start a new job as a Barista!
  3. Kairi from our Beginner class is graduating today, she has been a lovely student. She will go back to Japan to start her studies. We hope to see you soon Kairi!
  4. Haruto from our Intermediate class has been with us for 2 weeks, he will visit Australia Zoo and Brisbane before flying back to Japan.
  5. Barbara, Mel and Army are graduating from our Advanced class. Barbara has been a wonderful student, always on time and always trying her best, we will miss her very much! Mel has been with us for 8 months; she will continue her studies in Lexis so we will see her around! Army is a diving instructor so he will go to Gold Coast and find a job as a Diving Instructor. We wish him the best of luck!
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