Sunny Sonia

Say a big Hello to Sonia, the Upper Intermediate Class teacher at GV Perth~!

Pic Sonia

Sonia has been at GV Perth since August, and before that she was teaching in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in the beautiful country of Canada. She is always active and very fit – she runs marathons in her spare time and loves to teach Touch-Rugby or Capture-The-Flag for the GV afternoon activities.

Because Canada is bilingual, everybody has to learn French as well as English~! Therefore Sonia completely understands the challenges of learning a new language – “Personally my biggest challenge was trying to get the verb tenses correct, and also having the confidence to speak with other people.”

Now as a teacher, she works hard to give her students that very same confidence and to feel comfortable when speaking to others in English. When asked what her favourite thing about teaching at GV Perth is, she said: “I love the students – they always greet you with a smile!”

Her favourite place in Scarborough is the Brighton Street Farmer’s Market. “It has lots of delicious, fresh produce, and there is always something new to try!”

Thanks for chatting with us, Sonia~! We’ll see you in class 🙂

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