Noosa – Students Serve Up Fun in Riverside Tennis Match – 23rd February

A Rally of Language and Laughter by the Noosa River: Building bonds beyond the classroom during an exciting and fun tennis tournament.


Today our fun Friday activity extended to the beautiful sunny outdoors. A group of 16 enthusiastic students decided to trade their textbooks for tennis rackets in a friendly match set against the picturesque backdrop of the Noosa River. The tennis courts by the riverbank became the stage for an afternoon filled with laughter, friendly competition, and language practice, showcasing the vibrant spirit of our international community.

With the sun shining and the Noosa River providing a serene setting, students formed small groups to engage in lively tennis matches. The energizing atmosphere along the riverbank encouraged everyone to get active and showcasing their tennis skills. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to bond, practice their English, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Noosa River.







The tennis matches were structured in a friendly and inclusive manner, allowing students of all skill levels to participate. The emphasis was on enjoyment and camaraderie rather than competition. Laughter and encouragement echoed across the courts as students cheered on their peers and celebrated each point scored.

Beyond the physical activity, the tennis match served as an informal language practice session. Students engaged in conversations, exchanged tips on improving their game, and learned tennis-related vocabulary. This interactive approach to language learning provided a dynamic and memorable experience, reinforcing English language skills in a real-world context.





The riverside tennis match not only offered a chance to improve language skills but also fostered social connections among students. The friendly and supportive environment allowed individuals from various cultural backgrounds to come together, creating lasting friendships and memories.

This activity was a great success, showcasing Lexis Noosa’s commitment to providing immersive and enjoyable experiences. As our students continue their English language journey, these extracurricular activities not only enrich their language skills but also create a sense of community and shared experiences. Here’s to more exciting adventures, both on and off the courts, for the vibrant international community at Lexis Noosa!


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