Noosa – Creative Brewing: Students Decorate Coffee Mugs – 8th March

Expressing Cultural Diversity, One Mug at a Time: Students Unleash Artistic Flair in Coffee Mug decorating activity.

This afternoon, our students tapped into their creative side by indulging in a unique and hands-on activity – decorating coffee mugs! This delightful activity not only showcased the diverse talents within our international community but also provided a cozy space for self-expression and making new friends.

We provided plain white coffee mugs, stencils and sharpies and let the students be creative. Everyone prepared to transform ordinary mugs into personalized masterpieces. The white mugs served as blank canvases, waiting to be decorated with the individual flair and creativity of each student. From beautiful designs to personal messages, the possibilities were as diverse as the cultural backgrounds represented in our Lexis family.


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Some students chose vibrant colours and abstract patterns, while others embraced detailed illustrations and heartfelt quotes.  We saw mugs decorated with flowers, love hearts, animals and even a goanna. The result? A collection of one-of-a-kind coffee mugs, each telling a story of its own. Beyond the act of crafting, the event served as a platform for cultural exchange. Students shared techniques, exchanged ideas, and celebrated the diversity of artistic styles that emerged during the decoration process. It was a true melting pot of creativity and cultural expression.

Once the mugs were decorated with creativity, students were advised to bake the mugs at home to seal the paint on the mugs.


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The decorated coffee mugs aren’t just vessels for beverages; they are tangible memories of a shared creative experience at Lexis Noosa. Whether students use their mugs for morning coffee, afternoon tea, or simply as desk ornaments, they serve as reminders of the friendships formed and the joy found in the process of creation.

The coffee mug decorating event at Lexis English was more than an art activity; it was a celebration of individuality, cultural exchange, and the joy of crafting together. As these personalized mugs find their places in daily routines, they carry with them the spirit of creativity and the shared experiences that define the vibrant community at Lexis English. Here’s to more moments of artistic expression, collaboration, and the warmth of personalized coffee breaks!


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