Noosa – Joyful and Heartwarming Goodbye to This Week’s Graduates – 28th July

This afternoon, we celebrated the milestones and achievements of 9 beloved students of Lexis Noosa!

Education is a transformative journey that empowers individuals to unleash their potential, embrace diverse cultures, and achieve their dreams! As their academic journey comes to a close, it is time to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the graduating students who have not only conquered language barriers but also formed lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories.

Today we said a heartfelt farewell to 5 General English students. From Japan, we celebrated Ami, Ayumi and Yuto. From Brazil, from Switzerland we congratulated Chiara and from the United States, we said goodbye to Liere.

Grad 1 Grad1 1Ami: Ami has been studying at Lexis Noosa for a total of 12 weeks and has graduated from the pre-Intermediate level. She is staying in Noosa for a few more months to hang out with friends and enjoy the warmer weather coming. Ami is such a beautiful student that has such a kind soul! We’ll miss having her in class, but look forward to seeing her around town. Best of luck Ami!

Grad3 1Ayumi: Ayumi is one of the most bubbly and happy students in our school! It’s always a pleasure seeing Ayumi around as she instantly makes any room brighter with her smile. Ayumi has been at Lexis Noosa for 8 weeks and graduates from our pre-Intermediate level also. She will fly back to Japan tomorrow as she’s so excited to see all of her friends and family again! We will miss Ayumi’s beautiful, uplifting personality and warm presence!

Grad5 Grad6Yuto: For 12 weeks, Lexis Noosa has been blessed with Yuto’s presence! Yuto is one of the kindest people in the world and cares for everyone! He is also the King of the Lexis ping-pong table. His dedication and hard work to improve his English skills are sensational. Yuto gets involved in all of our activities and had become quite the joker, always leaving his fellow students in hysterics. Yuto will stay in Noosa and work for a few months. We will miss Yuto very much but wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Grad2 1Chiara: Another sensational student, Chiara has been studying at Lexis Noosa for 12 weeks. Starting her English learning journey in Upper-Intermediate, she quickly progressed through advanced and finished studying in Cambridge. Chiara also participated in the majority of our activities and has claimed the captain’s hat on our boat cruises. Chiara is now off on a solo adventure around Australia! She has planned the next 5 days of travels and then will take it all as it comes! It has been an absolute pleasure to have at Lexis Noosa and we will miss her immensely.

Grad4 1Lexis English Noosa has not just been a language school but a life-changing experience for the students who joined its vibrant community. As they bid farewell to the institution, the graduates take with them more than just language proficiency – they carry the spirit of friendship, cultural understanding, and personal growth. Lexis Noosa’s graduation ceremony is a testament to the power of education in shaping lives and nurturing global citizens, ready to embrace the world with open arms and open minds.

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