Noosa – The Amazing and Colorful Sip N’ Paint Activity: Unleashing Their Inner Picasso – 23 June

A Colorful Blend of Creativity and Fun: Students’ Sip N’ Paint Experience at Lexis English Noosa.

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Last Friday, students at Lexis English Noosa had an unforgettable and stimulating experience as they delved into the world of art through a Sip N’ Paint activity. With their paintbrushes in one hand and a refreshing Australian wine in the other, these aspiring artists embarked on a journey of self-expression and exploration. The vibrant atmosphere was filled with laughter, chatter, and the sound of paintbrushes gliding across canvases. From beginners to seasoned artists, everyone embraced the opportunity to unleash their inner Picasso.


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The combination of sipping on their drinks and immersing themselves in the world of painting created a unique and enjoyable experience for all. The inspiring soundtrack was “The weekend” as per students’ request, and they also chose to paint the native flora of their home countries. The Sip N’ Paint activity was undoubtedly an amazing and fun-filled event that allowed students to tap into their artistic side while creating lasting memories with their classmates.

Here’s their final work:

Check Out Our Gorgeous Students Immersed In A World Of Colorful Creativity Whilst They Sip And Paint.

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