Noosa – Fascinating snake and reptile show – 28th September

This week our students attended a snake and reptile show!

Many people fear Australia due to some of the animals that we have living in our country. Well, this week the students had the opportunity to face their fears and learn that actually, some are not as scary or as deadly as most first think.

This week our teachers gave the students a little break from class to go and see a snake and reptiles show that was happening close to our campus. During the presentation, the students were shown three different species of snakes and three different species of lizards. A fun fact we learnt at the show was that only 3-4 people die from a snake bite per year! A lot less than most people expect.

Snake Show

The students learnt so much about some of our Australian snakes and lizards while being able to have a close look at them too. After the presentation, the students had the opportunity to hold a snake! Some of the students were brave, others watched them be brave from afar.

Snake Show 1

None of these snakes were dangerous and all of the species that were shown are common Australian pets.

Snake Show 2Some of the reactions and facial expressions were priceless!

Snake Show 3

The students loved the seeing the show and getting up close and personal with the animals (well most of them). It was a perfect way to introduce them to some of the native Australian animals and add to their studying experience in Australia!

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