Noosa – Creative Mandala Coffee Paintings – 20th September

Lexis Students Unleash Their Creativity: Mandala Drawing and Coffee Painting Extravaganza!

At Lexis Noosa, education goes beyond textbooks and grammar lessons. We believe in nurturing creativity and fostering a sense of community among our students. This afternoon, some of our students participated in a unique and exciting activity that combined art and culture – Mandala drawing and coffee painting! This activity brought together students from various backgrounds, inspiring them to express themselves through colors, patterns, and aromatic coffee.

Mandala1The Art of Mandalas:

Mandalas, originating from ancient Indian and Tibetan cultures, are geometric patterns that represent the universe. These designs are not only visually appealing, but also hold deep spiritual and meditative significance. At Lexis, we introduced our students to the world of Mandala drawing, providing them with an opportunity to tap into their creative potential.

Students were provided with various materials, including compasses, rulers, and colored pencils, to create their own unique Mandala designs. They were encouraged to explore their imagination and incorporate personal symbolism into their creations.

The room buzzed with a sense of concentration and enthusiasm as students sketched and colored their Mandala designs. Some opted for traditional patterns, while others infused their Mandalas with modern, abstract elements. The atmosphere was charged with a positive energy, as students discovered the therapeutic qualities of Mandala art. It was a moment of relaxation, self-expression, and cultural appreciation.

Mandala2 Mandala3

The Aroma of Coffee Painting:

After completing their Mandala drawings, our students were in for another artistic treat – coffee painting. Coffee, known for its earthy tones and rich aroma, was used as a painting medium to create stunning artworks. This unique technique allowed students to explore new horizons in the world of art.

Students were provided with a selection of coffee shades and brushes. They learned how to create different shades and textures by adjusting the coffee’s concentration and using various brush strokes. The fragrant aroma of brewing coffee filled the room as students painted landscapes, abstracts, and intricate designs.

Mandala4 Mandala5 Mandala6As the day came to a close, our students left with not only beautiful Mandala drawings and coffee paintings but also a sense of accomplishment, relaxation, and camaraderie. We look forward to more such enriching experiences that empower our students to become not only proficient in language but also well-rounded individuals who appreciate the beauty of art and culture.

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