Noosa – Classic Australian Food Tasting – 26th May

This afternoon, 28 of our students went on a delightful Australian food adventure and explored the flavors from down under!

Australia is a vast land known for its stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and vibrant culinary scene that is a true reflection of its multicultural society. From the iconic Aussie BBQ to fresh seafood, indigenous delicacies, hearty meats, and irresistible desserts, the Australian cuisine offers a mouthwatering journey for every palate.

Our students tried some classic Aussie appetizers like meat pies, vegemite, lamingtons, fairy bread, pods, and ANZAC biscuits. Each group received a scoring card and had to rate each food by appearance, smell taste, and overall result out of 10. Our students tasted the below snacks.

Food Tasting

Meat pies:
When it comes to Australian comfort food, meat pies take center stage. These handheld treats are popular across the country and can be found in bakeries, cafes, and at every social party and sporting event. The meat pie typically consists of a flaky pastry filled with minced meat, usually beef, in a rich gravy sauce and paired with tomato sauce on top. A pie is always a good idea in Australia!
You either love it or hate it, but this salty savory spread is a national icon! It is made from leftover brewer’s yeast extract, which undergoes a fermentation process. The spread is thick and smooth, with a dense consistency that allows for easy spreading on bread, crackers, or toast, and is often paired with cheese or avocado.

Lamingtons are recognized as the ‘National Cake of Australia’ and are a staple at morning teas, fundraisers, and community gatherings. It is believed to be named after Lord Lamington, who served as Governor of Queensland. The story goes that the lamington was created when Lady Lamingon’s maid accidentally dropped a piece of sponge cake into chocolate, which then became coated in coconut to avoid waste. This happy accident resulted in the birth of the lamington as we know it today. These delightful sponge cake squares, hold a special place in the hearts of Australians.

Fair Bread:
Fairy bread is an iconic Australian treat that has been a beloved part of childhood celebrations for generations. This simple yet delightful creation brings joy to gatherings and parties with its vibrant appearance and sweet flavors. Fairy bread is made from three simple ingredients: white bread, butter, and hundreds and thousands (rainbow sprinkles).

Pods are crunchy yet gooey bites of heaven with Mars Bar, Snicker and Twix filling. Shockingly, you’ll only find them in Australia and New Zealand.

ANZAC Biscuits:
Anzac biscuits are sweet coconut cookies originally prepared by women for their soldier husbands and fathers during First World War from low-perishable foodstuffs. The biscuits could therefore be stored for a long time and survive transport from Australia to Europe. Today, these little sweet coconut biscuits are sold by major retailers and delight the taste buds of Australia and New Zealand.

Food Tasting1 Food Tasting2 Food Tasting3 Food Tasting4 Food Tasting5 Food Tasting6


Overall, the lamingtons were the favourite as most students scored it a 10/10 for appearance, smell and taste. Coming in at second place was a tie between the meat pies and pods. And expectedly in last place, the vegemite on bread was by far the least favourite. Most students couldn’t even take a second bite!

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