Noosa – A fun afternoon playing Beach Volleyball – 10th April

A fun Wednesday: Lexis English Students hit KB’s for Beach Volleyball

Last Wednesday, we organised a last-minute Beach Volleyball game for our students to enjoy the glorious sunshine at Koala Bar, a popular travellers’ hotspot in Noosa. After numerous rainy days, we were delighted to finally be able to have a fun game in the sun and our students embraced the sunshine for some thrilling games of beach volleyball.

Laughter and excitement filled the air as students from various corners of the world united for an afternoon of sport, sunshine, and shared enjoyment. This popular activity not only showcased the student’s volleyball skills but also created a dynamic environment for socialising and building lasting connections.

Beach volleyball proved to be an ideal avenue for students to strengthen their teamwork and communication skills. From strategizing plays to encouraging each other on the sandy court, the game became a platform for language learning in action. The friendly competition fostered an environment where students freely expressed themselves in English while enjoying the spirited match.


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