New Year Wishes from the Czeck Republic

Andy and everyone at GV Caloundra,
Happy New Year to everyone.  We hope your year will be healthy, happy and successful.
We had a great Christmas in Europe….even though it is very cold!  The snow is now about 2 feet deep outside our front door.  We hear it is quite hot in Caloundra.  We miss the warm weather and beautiful beaches.
We have been to a few English schools in Europe and nothing compares with our home school at GV Caloundra.  It is “simply the best”. The thing I think we love the most about Caloundra, is that it is so friendly and a great place in the world for students to enjoy themselves and make friends. We have heard, via email, from quite a lot of past students from GV Caloundra and they all say it is their special home they will never forget.
We are enjoying the school we are teaching at in the Czech Republic.  The people have really welcomed us and we think the students are enjoying their classes……we think!!  It has been a challenge as Mark & I are the only native speakers of English.  All the other teachers are Czech. They have had to accomodate us in teacher meetings etc. and speak English. A bit strange for an English College to have it’s teachers speak in English?????  outside the classroom.  It is really like role reversal for us. English only in the classroom and Czech only outside. We are slowly changing that as they all feel rude if they leave us out of the conversations.  We have begun Czech classes… is quite a difficult language.  So now we can relate to what the students go through trying to learn English.
We are having a great time seeing as much of Europe as we can on week-ends and days off. 
We trust all is well over there and thinking of you all over the miles.
Mark & Karen (former teachers of Elementary class – GV Caloundra)
(Have attached a picture…..the botton left is our home.)
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