Noosa – An Unforgettable Adventure with Cora -29th May

Cora Wohlgemuth, a traveler from Switzerland, embarked on a journey to study English and explore the world. Her story through the mesmerizing landscapes of Fiji will inspire wanderlust in every heart. After three transformative months in Australia and five weeks embracing the chilly beauty of New Zealand, Cora embarked on a new adventure that promised relaxation, thrill, and unparalleled beauty. This incredible trip was meticulously organized by Dundee Adventure out of the Lexis Noosa location where she had been learning English for three months.



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Fiji greeted Cora with open arms, offering the most stunning beaches, vibrant flowers, and the kind of relaxed atmosphere that one can only dream of. As Cora eloquently puts it, “I am on Fiji-time. No hurry, no worry.” This mantra perfectly encapsulated her entire experience, one where the stresses of daily life melted away, replaced by the serene rhythm of island living.




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During her 10-day stay, Cora pushed her boundaries and embraced the adventure that Fiji had to offer. She swam alongside majestic manta rays, their graceful movements a testament to the wonders of the underwater world. Not stopping there, she faced her fears and dived with ten bullsharks, an experience that was as thrilling as it was humbling.




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Evenings in Fiji were a time of connection and camaraderie. With a cocktail in hand, Cora joined newfound friends in a circle, singing “Country Roads” under the starlit sky. These moments of spontaneous joy and unity highlighted the essence of her journey – it wasn’t just about the places she visited, but the people she met and the memories they created together.






Reflecting on her time in Fiji, orchestrated by Dundee Adventure and facilitated through Lexis Noosa, Cora described it as “an unforgettable 10 days in a beautiful country.” This remarkable chapter in her travel story was a celebration of life, exploration, and the beauty of stepping into the unknown. Fiji’s enchanting beaches, vibrant flowers, and relaxed lifestyle provided the perfect backdrop for an experience that Cora will treasure forever. Her journey serves as an inspiration for all who dream of adventure, reminding us that the most unforgettable moments often lie just beyond our comfort zones.






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