Brisbane – Mini-pizza making – 7th June 2024

Today, Lexis Brisbane buzzed with excitement as our students embarked on a culinary adventure that combined learning with fun. The activity of the day was making mini pizzas, an experience that promised not only a delicious outcome but also a fantastic opportunity to practice English in a real-life context. The energy in the room was palpable as students gathered around, eager to dive into this hands-on activity.

To kick off the event, the students were introduced to the various ingredients they would be using. This introduction was more than just a rundown of what goes into a pizza; it was an educational moment that added a valuable layer to their vocabulary. Words like “dough,” “toppings”, “crust,” and “pulled chicken” were not only explained but also demonstrated, allowing the students to connect the words to the actual ingredients. This step was crucial in helping them build a practical vocabulary that they could use outside the classroom.1

With ingredients prepped and a newfound vocabulary at their disposal, the students rolled up their sleeves and started crafting their mini pizzas. Each student had a personal workspace where they could spread out their dough, add sauce, and meticulously arrange their chosen toppings. The atmosphere was vibrant and bustling with activity. Students eagerly exchanged tips on how to spread the sauce evenly, the best way to layer toppings, and even shared personal pizza preferences. Throughout this process, they practiced their English skills, asking questions, and giving instructions in English, which added an element of real-life language use to the exercise.

Once the pizzas were assembled, they were carefully placed in the oven. As they baked, the room soon filled with the mouthwatering aroma of melting cheese and sizzling toppings. The anticipation built as everyone waited for their creations to be ready. This waiting period was filled with chatter and laughter, as students shared stories about their favorite foods from their home countries and compared culinary traditions. It was a wonderful moment of cultural exchange, adding another layer of depth to the experience.


Finally, the moment arrived. The mini pizzas were pulled from the oven, golden brown and bubbling with cheese. The students gathered around, plates in hand, ready to taste their creations. The expressions of delight were unanimous as they took their first bites. The pizzas were a hit! The room was filled with exclamations of satisfaction and proud smiles as students tasted the fruits of their labor.


The afternoon continued with students enjoying their culinary creations, sharing stories, and laughing together. It was a perfect blend of language practice and cultural exchange, wrapped in the joy of a shared meal. The activity not only helped improve their English but also fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among the students. The shared experience of cooking and eating together created a bond that went beyond the classroom, making the learning process both enjoyable and memorable. As the event came to a close, the students lingered, reluctant to leave the warm, friendly atmosphere that had been created. They exchanged contact information, made plans to meet up outside of class, and expressed their excitement for the next activity. The success of this event was evident in the smiles and laughter that filled the room, and in the positive feedback from the students.

We look forward to more such activities that bring our students together, enriching their language skills and creating lasting memories. Join us next time for another exciting adventure in learning and fun! Whether it’s through cooking, games, or other interactive experiences, we are committed to providing our students with opportunities to practice English in real-life contexts while enjoying the process. The mini pizza-making activity was just the beginning of what promises to be a series of engaging and educational events at Lexis Brisbane.

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