Lexis Brisbane – Through the Glass: Wine Tasting at Lexis! – 18.08.23

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‘Wine’ Not!

Our Lexis Brisbane campus is known usually as a place where one can expand their learning horizons and last Friday was no different, but lessons ended with a twist: wine tasting!

In a surprising twist to the regular classroom routine, we transformed our student lounge into a mini wine sanctuary. Our students came together to embark on a journey through the vineyards of knowledge and our little wine-tasting event provided a dynamic platform for students to interact, learn, and practice their language skills in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.


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We had an amazing student turn-out for this activity, which featured red, white and rose wines from all across Australia. Students were given a score sheet for each one and sampled from our selection, ranking them from 1 to 5. Yellowtail was very popular!

To help students with their wine odyssey, groups were given vocabulary sheets and a rundown of essential descriptive words to use when describing the taste of the wine: oaky, mellow, earthy, tart. All very useful to use next time they go out for a drink! The afternoon seamlessly integrated various educational elements. Students expanded their English vocabulary with wine-related terminology, honed their ability to express opinions, and learned how to engage in thoughtful discussions – all while discovering the rich nuances of wines. This unique hands-on experience demonstrated that learning can happen anywhere, not just within the four walls of a classroom.


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Studying is hard work and it had been a long week for our gang here in Brisbane, so it was nice to learn some more about wine and have a lot of fun whilst doing so! Education isn’t just about textbooks and lectures; it’s also about experiencing new cultures and lifestyles. Students not only had the chance to refine their English language skills but also explored the fascinating world of wines in a unique and engaging way. We will definitely be hosting another wine-tasting event in the future!


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