Lexis Brisbane – Paint and Sip: Round 2 – 12.07.23

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So Nice, Just Had To Do It Twice!

Because of our first paint and sip’s raging success, we just had to host another!

Everyone loves a bit of painting (especially with some wine on the side) and what better way to wind down after a long week of study and work than picking up a paintbrush and enjoying a few quiet drinks?

On Friday, our second Lexis Brisbane paint and sip was a lovely way for our hardworking students to relax and enjoy the company of their classmates and friends before heading off for the weekend. We provided paint for every colour of the rainbow, large canvases for maximum artistic expression, and of course, some prosecco as an end-of-week treat.

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With no pressure or set task, it was so nice to see our students simply enjoying the company of their peers whilst they painted whatever their heart desired. Engaging in a paint and sip event involves a shared activity where participants come together to create art.

The collective experience of painting in a group setting creates a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose. As everyone works on their individual paintings, there is a comforting feeling of being part of a community of like-minded individuals. These sorts of activities are important here at Lexis Brisbane in order to foster a strong sense of community and family.

Painting is a fantastic mindfulness exercise, encouraging your mind to concentrate only on the canvas in front of you. As human beings, we experience stress of all kind each and every day, and so activities such as paint and sips really allow us to banish all anxieties and stress for the time being.

Our second paint and sip experience, much like the first, provided an ideal environment for relaxation and socializing. It combined the therapeutic benefits of painting with the enjoyment of shared creativity, creating a space where our students could unwind, connect with others, and experience the pure pleasure of both artistic expression and social engagement.

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