Lexis Brisbane – Our Cambridge and General English New Starters This Week! – 13.09.23

A Huge Welcome to All of Our New Starters from Monday!

Monday was an incredibly busy and exciting day as we welcomed 6 Cambridge English First (FCE) students, 10 Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) students and 28 General English students.

Our Cambridge arrivals this week were, Mei, Ryuhei, Reiho and Haruka from Japan, Leo, Giuseppe, Livia, Ramon, Nora, Luc Fabien, Andrin, Gjon, Amaelle and Thomas from Switzerland, Eunjung from South Korea and Danny from the Netherlands. It is such a pleasure to welcome all of these fantastic English students to both our FCE and CAE Cambridge programs!

Programmes for Cambridge preparation are one of our areas of expertise at Lexis English. We have built a solid reputation over the years for the excellence of our Cambridge Preparation programmes, our teachers, and our instructional strategies and materials.

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People who need to demonstrate their ability to use upper-intermediate level everyday written and spoken English for work or school purposes can take the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) test here at Lexis. Real-world scenarios are used in the FCE exam specifically to help you improve your communication and acquire the necessary language skills. FCE at Lexis is a demanding programme meant to hasten your acquisition of the English language. Thousands of educational institutions around the world acknowledge the FCE as a valid qualification for upper-intermediate English, and it is recognised by a wide variety of industrial, administrative, and service-based employers. FCE is valued by businesses like American Express, Agfa-Gevaert GmbH, Siemens, and Procter & Gamble at their overseas headquarters.

With regards to Cambridge English Advanced (CAE), it is an Advanced level exam designed to assess a student’s ability to follow a university-level academic programme, interact professionally and at a managerial level, take part in meetings at work or in academic tutorials and seminars with assurance, conduct difficult and sophisticated research, speak fluently, and behave appropriately in a variety of cultural and social contexts. The Cambridge CAE tests are considered to be the most accurate reflection of your language abilities because they are supported by a large, extensive and specialised research programme. The Department of Immigration in Australia recently started accepting CAE scores for immigration reasons, which reflects this. Cambridge English language tests are used by more than 12,000 businesses, colleges, government agencies, and other organisations worldwide. Employers rely on CAE for hiring since the exam tests language proficiency relevant to the workplace. Universities and colleges also rely on it as they know applicants who obtain a CAE certificate already possess the academic language abilities required for degree-level study. CAE truly is a gateway to an abundance of fantastic opportunities.

Cam 2 1 1

The 28 General English students joining us this week are Eno, Chiharu, Matsuri, Karin, Yuta, Yuna, Ryosuke, Narumi, Hina, Shuya and Angelic Miyo from Japan, Kubra and Burhan from Spain, Remo, Alana and Chloe from Switzerland, Yun-Han, Kuan-Ching and Hsing-Chun from Taiwan, Julie, Mathilde and Coralie from France, Anna and Marcal from Spain, Jose from Ecuador, Elioth from Belgium, Laura from Colombia and Yevin from South Korea.

It is a pleasure to welcome such a wonderful, big bunch of new students to our Lexis Brisbane family, and it will be even more wonderful to watch each and every one of them work hard to achieve their English goals! Welcome to the family!

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