Lexis Brisbane – Making Friendship Bracelets! – 29.09.23

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The Gift of Friendship

Screenshot 2023 09 29 150722At Lexis, our commitment to fostering a sense of community and cultural exchange goes beyond the classroom; it’s about creating meaningful connections and lifelong memories. On Wednesday, and in the spirit of friendship, our students gathered in the student lounge for an afternoon of friendship bracelet-making!

Friendship is a cornerstone of human existence, a treasure that enriches our lives in countless ways. It transcends borders, cultures, and ages, offering solace in times of sorrow, joy in moments of celebration, and an unwavering support system throughout our journey. True friends inspire personal growth and self-improvement. They believe in us, challenge us to reach our potential, and celebrate our achievements. Constructive feedback from friends helps us see our blind spots and make positive changes. Through shared experiences and conversations, we gain new knowledge, perspectives, and insights that shape our worldview.

The afternoon was wonderful, with a huge number of students gathering around to create some absolutely beautiful bracelets. There were beaded and string options for everyone to enjoy and it was very therapeutic to create these awesome momentos.Screenshot 2023 09 29 150703

Engaging in arts and crafts activities like this one is not only a creative and enjoyable pastime, but also has a significant positive impact on mental health. The act of creating art, whether through painting, drawing, crafting, or any other medium, offers a range of psychological benefits that promote emotional well-being and mental balance. Creating art provides an opportunity to focus on the present moment, a form of mindfulness. This helps reduce stress as it shifts the mind away from worries about the past or future. Concentrating on the creative process allows individuals to escape daily stressors temporarily.

We are so glad that everyone who joined in was given an opportunity to relax and have fun, whilst also getting to take home a cool accessory!


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