Lexis Brisbane – Last Week’s Amazing Graduates – 3.07.23

Grad 1

Farewelling Our Graduating Students

On Friday, we celebrated the graduation of 19 hard-working English students who have made such a lasting impact on us here at Lexis Brisbane. Our graduates were Hina, Furkan, Romina, Lucas, Laura Daniela, Laura Valentina, Genny, Leydi, Tamara, Eren, Luis, Kubra, Alexis, Zoe, Ami, Yeny, Rie, Marina, and Diego.

Congratulations to these absolute legends who have put their best foot forward and accomplished their English goals!

At Lexis, our students embark on a remarkable journey of language mastery. English becomes more than a medium of communication; it becomes a bridge connecting students from all walks of life. Through immersive language programs and meaningful conversations, students gain proficiency in English that opens doors to countless opportunities in academia, career, and personal growth.

Grad 3

For our students, the shared experiences of navigating a foreign land, overcoming language barriers, and adapting to new cultures create lasting friendships based on a common goal. These friendships form an invaluable support network, providing strength and guidance as students embark on their future endeavors.

In terms of studies, English is the predominant language of instruction in many prestigious universities and academic institutions worldwide. Studying English as an international student grants access to a vast array of educational opportunities. Whether you aspire to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies, research programs, or specialized courses, proficiency in English is often a prerequisite.


Fluency in English enables you to explore renowned institutions and tap into top-tier academic resources, expanding your intellectual horizons and enhancing your educational journey. Our goal here at Lexis Brisbane is personal success and growth for our wonderful students, and we know that for our graduates, their English studies have brought them one step closer to accomplishing all their goals.

Congratulations to our amazing graduates!

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