Sunshine Coast – Happy Graduation Day – 1 September

Another week of school comes to an end here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

This week we wished a warm goodbye to 20 happy students!

Fifteen of our wonderful students are heading back to their home country to continue their High School studies! Another two students are also going back home to begin their next chapter at university. We are so proud of them for travelling all this way to learn and grow. For the rest of our awesome graduating students, their Australian adventure is not yet over! They are heading out to pursue work across Australia!

Here are our happy students:

Happy Graduating Students

Congratulations to Jessica!

Graduates 9

Congratulations to Akitoshi!

Graduates 2 1

Congratulations to Yui!

Graduates 8

Congratulations to Kiichi!

Graduates 6 1

Congratulations to our lovely group from New Caledonia! Helene, Gessye, Malauna, Ida, Djemila, Joelina, Vyolene, Priscillia, Oriana, Felicia and Raissa!

Graduates 5 1

Congratulations to Masakazu!

Graduates 4 1

Congratulations to Marcela!

Graduates 3 1

Congratulations to Yuna!

It’s been a pleasure having the students with us here and we wish this happy bunch a beautiful future ahead!

Not studying with us yet, but would like to?

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