ENGLISH ONLY – yellow card : warning – red card : you’re out

When you enroll as a student at Global Village Caloundra you sign the “English Only Agreement” that says that you will only use English in class and in the school.  Recently students have complained that some students are lapsing back into their own languages instead of using English.

 To enforce this rule the college is using the same system that is used in football (soccer).  We are bringing in Yellow and Red Cards to warn students who are breaking the rules. 


If you break the “ENGLISH ONLY” rule you will be warned with a Yellow Card.  You may be given a Yellow Card by any teacher if they find you speaking another language in class, in the common room or on the school grounds.


If you have been given a Yellow Card and are discovered speaking another language AGAIN you will be given a Red Card. A Red Card means you must leave your class OR you you may be asked not to attend your next class OR you may be asked to leave the college grounds.

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