Crocs put up a great fight, but are defeated by Noosa

Leo Andy ShieldVictory Victory2

Top Left: Leonado the linesman with a flag in one hand and a beer in the other. Top right: I didn’t want to give up the shield to Noosa. Bottom left: The Noosa captain is carried high. Bottom Right: The winning team

The Caloundra Crocs played great football against GV Brisbane and GV Noosa.  It was a fantastic winter’s day to play. The sun was quite hot and the ground was terrific.

The first match was between GV Noosa and GV Caloundra. It was an exciting match and ended up a tie 1-1.

In the second match the Crocs played GV Brisbane and managed to win 4 – 2.  Ricardo was the top goal scorer. Crocs fans went crazy at the result.

In the third match GV Noosa scored 4 goal to GV Brisbane’s 2.

The final result was that GV Noosa won their matches by a greater margin than Caloundra and so won the competion.  And while Noosa may have won the shield I think that Caloundra had the best fans, and the best chanting. Special thanks goes to Patty for looking after the barbecue even when there were thousands of hungry students hanging around for a sausage and beer. Thanks also to Sori for helping Patty.

Finally three cheers for all the great players on the Crocs team and on the other teams. In November there will be another big game and a chance for Caloundra to regain the Global Village Tri School Shield.



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