Choosing a career – do you agree with these students?

Patty set her class a writing assignment and she was so impressed by the work the students produced that she asked them if they would like to have their work published on the school’s blog. So please read and feel free to leave a comment.

Renat 31 RENAT SAYS:

“You choose not only your career; you choose your future. A wrong choice can’t ruin your life, you can always change everything and start once again, but it is better not to make a mistake. Choose your career very carefully. Remember, no one can do this for you. It’s your future; it must be your choice from your own hand. Parents must understand and support their children. Parents can help you to choose your way, but they can’t push you against yourself.”


Choosing a career is a personal decision that has to be based on your own interests. However it is important that you listen to other people’s opinion, your parents, friends, teachers from high school and everyone that you consider important to you. When you think that you have heard enough go somewhere and spend some time with your thoughts and put your ideas in order and make your own decision.”



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