Byron Bay – Possessive Pronouns Class – 30 August 2022

Yesterday students learnt about Possessive Pronouns and Possessive “‘s” through several fun activities.


Possessive Pronouns And Possessive ‘S Class


Our teacher Elizabeth presented mystery objects to the class collected from staff members and teachers. The objects included a tissue, piece of hair, bottle, coffee cup, framed picture, papers, keys and a tub. Students practised asking, “Whose [object] is this?” or “Whose [objects] are these?”, “Is it [name]?”. That was answered with either yes, it is mine or no I think it is…


The next activity I participated in, and it involved students putting their own mystery item into a tub and repeating the activity this time in two groups not as an entire class.


Possessive Pronouns And Possessive ‘S Class


The activity was then repeat again but with pieces of student’s hair. Each student cut a piece of their hair and with blue tack stuck it onto the whiteboard next to a number. As a class, students examined each hair for colour and length and made their best guess as to whom the piece of hair belonged to. Some answers where surprising and by this stage everyone was gaining confidence speaking and pronouncing the phrases.


Possessive Pronouns And Possessive ‘S Class


Finally, returning to the mystery objects from Elizabeth, as a student guessed an object’s owner correctly, they were requested to return that object to the staff member or teacher using the techniques developed in class.


I had a great time attending the class, participating in the activities and getting to know the students better. I can see how Elizabeth’s teaching method and the course activities rapidly familiarised students with using possessive pronouns and possessive ‘s. Furthermore, I witnessed their confidence grow over the class and that they were engaged and having fun learning.



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