Byron Bay – Fun and Talent at Paint and Sip – 22 September 2023

This afternoon, Lexis Byron Bay students enjoyed participating in our second Paint and Sip activity.

Paint and Sip – What is it?

Paint and Sip is a popular social activity that combines painting with the enjoyment of alcoholic beverages, typically wine. It’s a relaxed and creative event where participants can unwind, socialize, and express their artistic talents, even if they have little to no prior experience with painting.

This was Lexis Byron Bay’s second Paint and Sip activity. For the first one we used one of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers paintings for inspiration. See below or click here to read more.Paint And Sip All


Paint and Sip – The Inspiration

For our September Paint and Sip, Lisa (Byron’s Campus Manager) chose one of her favourite paintings. Raoul Dufy’s ‘Bay of Angels’.

Raoul Dufy (1877-1953) was a French painter, illustrator, and textile designer known for his vibrant and colorful works. Having shown an early talent for drawing, Dufy’s artistic career spanned several decades, and he is considered a forerunner of the Fauvism movement.

Dufy’s distinctive style is characterized by his love for bright, cheerful colors and his ability to capture the essence of everyday life, including scenes of leisure, landscapes, and maritime subjects. He often painted scenes of regattas, horse races, and music halls.

In addition to his paintings, Dufy was known for his textile designs. He collaborated with fashion houses and created fabric patterns that reflected his love of color and light. His textile designs are still popular and have been used in fashion and interior design.

Dufy'S Original Bay Of Angels
Dufy’s original Bay of Angels

Dufy painted ‘Bay of Angels’ in 1927. The “Bay of Angels” in the title refers to the Baie des Anges, a picturesque bay on the Mediterranean Sea located in Nice, France. Dufy was known for his love of coastal scenes and the French Riviera, and this painting is a beautiful example of his interpretation of the region. The painting has remained in Nice and is part of the collection of the Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain (MAMAC).

Paint and Sip – The Process

We created our own versions of ‘Bay Angels’ in four stages.

Stage 1 – We stretched the watercolour paper onto board, and then sketched the outline in watered down acrylic paint.

Paint And Sip Dufy Stage 1 - Sketch The Outline
Stage 1 Sample

Paint And Sip Stage 1Paint And Sip Stage 1

Stage 2 – We blocked in the background colours with a mixture of poster paint and acrylic paints. As you can see, there was lots and lots of blue.

Paint And Sip Dufy Stage 2 - Block In The Main Colours
Stage 2 Sample

3Af333B3 7186 44Aa B0Fd 034Bc1A3D1Aa 659C929F Fdae 4670 88B0 00C805811906

Stage 3 – We added further detail using thick splodges of acrylic paint. Now the paintings were really beginning to take shape.

Paint And Sip Dufy Stage 3 - Add The Detail
Stage 3 Sample

Stage 3 Adding DetailStage 3 Adding Detail

Stage 4 – Finally, we used black acrylic paint pens to add definition to the trees, fence, buildings, boats and person.


Paint And Sip Dufy Stage 4 - Add Definition With Acrylic Paint Pen
Stage 4 Sample

51260Ec0 1B1D 4F02 9F60 Ec96B2A76A5A 1Example Of Paint And Sip Stage 4

And here are the fabulous finished results!

1 2 2 2 3 2 5 6 1 E1695362745750 4

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