Byron Bay New Starters! January 6th

Welcome to Lexis English Byron Bay. This week we have 18 New Starters!

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Note is from Thailand. She has been in Australia for 1 week and is staying with a friend in Lismore. She came to Australia to Study English and Business and would love to work here when she is finished. 

Adriana  is from Switzerland. She lives with her family in a small village near Bern. After school she did an apprenticeship as a cook and worked in different restaurants in Switzerland. in her free time she loves hiking in the mountains and snowboarding. She wants to improve her English skills because when she returns home she will start a business course.

Elena is from Switzerland. She was working as a dress maker back home but decided she wanted to travel. She has come to Australia to learn more about our culture and to better her English. She has two sisters and a dog and her hobbies include playing tennis and e-guitar.

Mike is from Germany. He has come to Australia to study English so he can better his speaking skill. He wants to be able to communicate better with people when he travels. He lives with his 11 year old daughter and loves sports and riding his bike.

Sara is from Brazil. She is a fashion designer and has worked in the fashion industry for almost 20 years but decided to qiut her job and travel around South Asia for 6 months. While travelling she decided Australia would be a great place to improve her English. She loves swimming, surfing, and yoga. 

Daniel is from Germany. He is married and has two daughters. He enjoys any kind of sport especially tennis, skiing, and kite surfing. Daniel is a pilot and flies Boeing 737’s, mainly flying to holiday destinations. He is studying English to improve his fluency and maybe learn a bit more specialised vocabulary towards business English.

Renato is from Switzerland. He works as a tiler and his passions include down-hill biking, climbing, and soccer. He also has a sister who is 27 years old. He has come to Australia to study English.

Julie is from France. Last year she was studying social psychology at University and found it really interesting to learn about human behaviour. It has also given her skills to work in many different environments. Julie is in Australia for 1 year and hopes to better her English while here at Lexis Byron Bay so she can be more confident while speaking to all the people she will meet while here.

Fanja is from Switzerland. She lives in Ticino which is on the border of Italy where she lives with her boyfriend and cat. She has worked in a bank in Bellinzona for the past 7 years. She has come to Byron to study English as she knows it will be better for her future and also because she loves the beach and warm weather. 

Audrey is from Switzerland. Her hobbies are boxing, singing, travelling, and food… She loves food! Her passions are animals and nature. She has come to Australia because it is always hot and the people are cool and relaxed. She would like to travel around Australia and the world.

Vassili is from Belgium. He studied Social Humanity and works as an Education Agent but would love to become a specialist working with disabled and under-privileged children. He is here to better his English skills for his work but also wants to see Australia and learn a different culture. 

Jelena is from Switzerland. Her parents are originally from Serbia but she was born in Switzerland. She loves sports especially running, swimming, yoga, and going to the gym. She also loves photography and being outside in nature. She works for a solar company selling solar equipment. She chose Australia to study English as she has always been fascinated by this country and she is excited to spend the next 4 weeks in Byron Bay.

Santiago is from Uruguay. He lives with his mother, father, and two brothers. He chose to come to Byron Bay because it’s similar to his home town but has been living in New Zealand for the last two years. He learned English by talking to people he met while there. It’s been hard to learn on his own which is why he decided to come to Lexis. 

Andrea is from Switzerland. Her interests are volleyball, swimming, painting, reading, and walking in nature. She would like to study English for travel and meeting people from around the world. She also wants to understand and be able to talk with Australians. She is very excited about studying here in Byron Bay.

Marco is from Switzerland. His passion is playing soccer and plays with his local team named FC Ròscheuz. He also trains a team of young players between 15-20 years old. He also loves to play beach volleyball and tennis. One of the reasons he chose to come to Australia is because right now in Switzerland it’s cold and dark. His plan is to move to China once he has finished his studies in Byron Bay as he has a work oppertunity.

Alessandro is from Italy. He grew up in a small town on the island of Sardinia but has been living and working in Spain as an Engineer for the past 4 years. He is studying IELTS as he wants to be able to work as an engineer here to better his professional career. 

Lea is from Belgium.

Sandro is from Switzerland.

They both headed straight to our Cambridge Preparation classes which meant we didn’t get the chance to talk to them but we look forward to getting to know them during their time here at Lexis English Byron Bay.

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