Byron Bay – New Starters! February 3rd

This week we welcome 16 New Students to our Byron Bay campus!

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Ariadna is from Spain. She has worked as a flight attendant for the last year and a half and has come to Australia to better her English. Coming to Australia has always been a dream so she is very happy to be studying English in Byron Bay. She would love to work for an Airline that is based in Abu Dhabi.

Laura is from Switzerland. In her free time she likes to do a lot of sport including salsa dancing. She also likes spending time with her friends. She is studying education so she can become a primary school teacher and will need to teach the children English. She is hoping to be at CAE level by the time she finishes at Lexis. 

Juan is from Spain. He studied tourism and a masters in Spanish teaching and is currently working as a flight attendant. While at Lexis Byron he would like to improve his oral and listening skills. Being in Byron is also a time for him to relax and have fun before he has to return to his job in summer.

Jefferson is from Brazil. He has transferred from the Lexis Brisbane campus and has gone straight into our Intermediate class with teacher Paul.  

Matteo is from Switzerland. He lives in a small village in the Italian part of Switzerland with his girlfriend and cat. He loves to go skiing and travelling around the world. He has worked in a bank for  14 years and is responsible for a small office. He would love to improve his English as it’s great for his job and for travelling.  

Miharu is from Japan. She is studying sports science and currently works as a yoga instructor. She loves sports including volleyball, rugby, tennis, and yoga. She chose to study English is Byron Bay because she loves the beach and nature.

Yves is from Switzerland. He likes hiking and jogging and loves to be out in nature. His biggest hobbie is eating but he’s not so good in the kitchen. He learned English at high school for 3 years having 4 lessons a week but would love to better his English skills so he can travel the world and talk to everyone.

Tanja is from Switzerland. She lives with her parents in a little town called Scwyz and has 3 siblings. In her free time she loves to snowboard, dance, and spend time with her friends. She wants to study English in Australia because she admires the country. In the future she would like to become a primary school teacher.

Manuela is from Switzerland. She lives with her family in a small village in the middle of Switzerland. She likes to be outside with her dog and also spend time with her horse. She works as a chemist in a drug store and really loves her job because she likes to be able to help people with natural products. Manuela would love to travel the world which is why she wants to better her English.

Maria Carlota is from Portugal. She was born in a small city near Lisbon called Santarem but she moved to Lisbon when she started university. She loves to go to the beach and hang out with her boyfriend and friends. She worked for Price Waterhouse Cooper but decide she wanted to move to Australia to improve her English which will help  find her a similar job.

Melissa is from Switzerland. She loves travelling and it was a dream to come to Australia. She thought it would be a good idea to mix travelling and learning English. After she finished her diploma at school she wanted to learn a trade so trained as a pastry chef which is now her job. She believes English is an international language and it’s very important to be able to speak it.

Akari is from Japan. Dancing is her favourite hobby, which she practices every day. She is in the Baton twirling club, which has many difficult tosses and moves. She is majoring in English Literature and loves reading books. A friend visited Australia and told her of all the beautiful beaches, delicious food and friendly people and because we speak British English she chose to study English here.

Jerome is from Switzerland. He lives in Geneva which is a small city with a beautiful lake. He has a masters diploma in engineering and now works as a electronic engineer. A big part of his job is to read and write in English. He chose Australia to improve his English for 3 reasons… the weather, the landscapes, and the people.

Eun Jin is from Korea. Her family live in Daegu which is in the south of Korea. She loves to watch Baseball and her favourite team is the Samsung Lions and she loves to swim. She majored in accounting and now works as an accountant. After studying English in Byron she will return to Korea for work. 

Karla is from Brazil. She has two children and works as a therapist. She specialises in breath work and holistic therapies. She is very happy to be in Australia and has a lot of friends here. She would love to be able to work as a therapist here but needs to improve her English.

Hee Sun is from Korea. She studied English at school for 12 years but would like to better her English so she can find a job in Korea and travel the world. She would like to be able to talk to everyone. She loves to watch world movies with subtitles but also Korean movies. 

Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE, and English plus Surfing and Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.

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