Byron Bay- Incredible Full Moon Circle- 29 January 2024

Yesterday our students were treated with a very special activity- a Full Moon Circle!

Full-Moon Circle Img 5472 Scaled

This activity was extra special because it was our beloved teacher Marie’s last activity. This last full moon was in Leo, creating feelings of bravery, confidence, and power.

Img 5479 Scaled Img 5480 Scaled

We began by sitting in a circle together, holding hands and creating and open, non-judgmental space. Lemongrass, rose, and jasmine tea was then handed around to each of the students.

Img 5469 Scaled Img 5482 Scaled

The students sat in front of two oracle cards, which they couldn’t pick up until after meditation.

Img 5485 Scaled

Then our students got comfortable on the floor or sitting up for their meditation. Marie’s beautiful voice guided them through a meditation to meet their ‘Shadow Self.’ It was now time to flip over our cards and see what they had to say.

Img 5488 Scaled

Img 5487 Scaled

After feeling very relaxed, it was time to share within the circle. People shared how were they feeling, what cards they got and how they interpreted them.

Img 5490 Scaled

To finish the circle, each student lit a candle and wrote on two different pieces of paper what they want to release in the next full moon and what they want to manifest. They were instructed to bury, burn, or release into water their pieces of paper on the next full moon.

Img 5493 Scaled

Some students stayed longer to further understand the interpretation of their card’s others floated out after their wonderful full moon session.

Our sincerest thanks to Marie who always creates such wonderful astrological activities for our students.


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