Byron Bay – IELTS – Thomas Gets Results! – 23 March 21

Thomas passed his IELTS exam!  Thanks to only 3 sessions (5 hours in total) with Lisa to fine-tune his writing skills.  It turned out that he was making some simple errors such as paragraphing, spelling errors and how he introduced his writing.  Once Lisa helped him clean up the errors, he took the test in Brisbane online, and today popped in to say, ‘I passed!!!’

It’s been a long road for Thomas to get to where he is today.  6 years ago he wanted to try to stay in Australia to gain residency, so found out he had to pass an English exam.  He tried the PET exam and got a low score…4 times.  Then he tried IELTS 3 times but kept getting a band score that was too low.  He told us he lost so much during this time: his job, his family, his country and a relationship.  He has given up everything to be able to live and work in Australia, so decided to get extra help from an expert for his 7th attempt.

What did Lisa do?  As an IELTS expert, she knows the ins-and-outs of IELTS and can help students get more out of their exam.  She said she looked at his writing and analysed the errors with him.  Then she assigned tasks that helped him focus on correcting these errors.  All he needed was to get a 6 in the writing and he got a 7.  Well done Thomas!

Now we have one very happy pastry chef in Byron Bay!  I’m sure the bread was even better today…haha.  Pop into the Sunday Sustainable Bakery and you’ll probably see him dashing around mixing up some bread, and overjoyed to be able to live in the country he now calls home.

Thomas Scaled

French pastry chef, Thomas, and Campus Manager / Superstar IELTS teacher, Lisa

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