Byron Bay – Meet the FCE Class of Spring 2023 – 12 September 2023

On the first day of class, FCE students interviewed each other and wrote these short profiles of their colleagues.


Meet The Fce Class Of Spring 2023


Meet The Fce Class Of Spring 2023



(written by Lourdes)

Martina is from Switzerland and has travelled around Mexico as well as half of Europe. The places in Australia that she wants to visit are mainly on the east coast, but also Perth. In her free time, she likes playing soccer and all kinds of sports, plus going hiking.

Martina would like to have the First Certificate in English because it is a personal goal. In addition, it will be helpful for her career.


Meet The Fce Class Of Spring 2023



(written by Martina)

Let me introduce Lourdes to you. She comes from Spain and has been in Byron since April. She’s been to almost every country in Europe except Greece, Switzerland and northern Italy. When Lourdes finishes her studies at Lexis she’s going to travel, with her friends, up and down the east coast as well as to Perth and Tasmania. In her leisure time, she likes doing crossfit, reading books and watching sunsets at the beach.

Lourdes wants to improve her English because, when she returns to Spain, she’s going to do a course in Human Resources and good English skills will be really helpful for that.


Meet The Fce Class Of Spring 2023



(written by Atsuko)

Let me introduce Hyegyeom to you. She is from Korea and, so far, has been to four other countries. She has been living in Australia for a year and was in Perth before moving to Byron Bay. While here, she’d like to try surfing.

Hyegyeom is doing the FCE course because she wants to continue to practise English at the B2 level.


Meet The Fce Class Of Spring 2023



(written by Hyegyeom)

Today I met Atsuko who has been to a lot of countries including America, China, Thailand, Korea, etc. She is an amazing traveller and has already visited the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay. She also wants to go to Uluru. In her leisure time, she likes to do yoga, go camping, and surf.

Atsuko chose to do the FCE course because she wants to improve her English skills. After the FCE, she is planning to study for the IELTS exam.


Meet The Fce Class Of Spring 2023



(written by Wawa)

Today I met Nova, who has been to the USA and Canada as well as Australia. In fact, she studied English in Canada for a year and has come to Australia to continue to improve her English. While in Australia, she plans to travel to Tasmania, Melbourne and Perth.

In her leisure time, Nova likes to read and cook – but not at the same time! She’d like to read the Harry Potter books.


Meet The Fce Class Of Spring 2023



(written by Nova)

Let me introduce Wawa, who is from Thailand. Apart from Australia, Wawa has been to Laos. She likes to spend her free time on a beach with her friends having some beers 😊. Wawa is very sweet and friendly and it would be really nice to have her as a friend.


Meet The Fce Class Of Spring 2023



(wrote about himself because his bike chain broke ☹ and he was late)

My name is Joao and I’m from Brazil. I’m a person who really loves to play sport in my free time and that’s why I studied Sport Science when I went to university. My favourite sports to practise are football, surfing and footvolley (have you heard of that?) but I also like to try new sports such as radical sports in which I can be in contact with nature.


Meet The Fce Class Of Spring 2023



(written by Silvan)

Today I met Keita who is from Japan. He has travelled to the USA, South Korea and now to Australia. While here, he is going to go to Fraser Island and maybe to Cairns. He likes to surf, skydive and do gaming.

Keita is doing the FCE course to improve his English skills and also because he might need it for work in the future.


Meet The Fce Class Of Spring 2023



(written by Keita)

I met Silvan, who is from Switzerland and is doing the FCE course because he wants to improve his vocabulary. In Switzerland, he enjoys skiing, snowboarding and grumping. He has visited lots of countries so far: England, France, Italy, Austria, Croatia … pretty much all of the countries in Europe. After finishing the FCE, Silvan is going to visit Sydney and Melbourne – the sky is his limit!


Meet The Fce Class Of Spring 2023



(written by Cloe)

Today I met Natalia, who is a sympathetic girl. She is 32 years old and comes from Colombia. She’s been in Byron for two months so far and will stay in Australia until March next year. On the weekends, Natalia works in a bar and plans to save enough money to travel after finishing the FCE. She is very happy to visit this country.


Meet The Fce Class Of Spring 2023



(written by Natalia)

Today I met Cloe who is from Switzerland (the German part). She is 19 years old and her birthday is coming soon! She’s going to celebrate it with a trip to the Whitsundays, where you can see one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. She said she has visited different countries like South Africa, Italy, Spain and others. She likes to spend her free time playing handball, cooking, and hanging out with her friends.

Cloe would like to improve her English because it’s important to have these language tools in her job as a nurse.


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