Byron Bay – Entertaining Pub Games – 29 June 2023

On Thursday afternoon Dominic, our student service coordinator has involved the students in some entertaining pub games in our student lounge.

Many students signed up for this activity.

Dominic divided all the students in 4 groups of 8 students and each player had to play a game of darts and a game of table tennis.

The winner of each group advanced to the final round and the ultimate prize was a six pack of beer.

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The dart game we played was called “Revolver” . A revolver has 6 shots, and in our game each student had 6 shots at the dart board. If a dart missed, bounced off or fell from the board, it received zero points. The student with the highest overall score wins the game.

Table tennis game was won in 11 points.

The finals were between Seb, Paula, Lucy and Rika and Lucy won the six-pack in the end. She was kind enough to share the beers with the other 3 🙂


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