Byron Bay – Bush Turkey

Have you seen a Bush Turkey in Byron Bay?

Alectura Lathami Centenary Lakes

If you have spent any time in Byron Bay you would have seen these cheeky black feathered birds running around the town.

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Their technical name is the Australian Brushturkey. Though they are also known as a bush turkey, bush chicken or a scrub turkey.  

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Despite its name and their superficial similarities, the bird is not closely related to American turkeys.

It’s quite common to see these sneaky birds at the local beaches. Some have been known to go through peoples bags at The Pass! This is because they have learnt that there is usually food. So make sure to always keep a close eye on your belongings at the beach 😋

They build large nests on the ground made of leaves. Mound-building is done by a dominant male.The male works tirelessly, collecting material from all around, and also diligently repelling rival males. The eggs are hatched by the heat of the composting mound, the temperature of which is regulated by adding or removing material to maintain the temperature in the 33–35 °C incubation temperature range. The Australian brushturkey checks the temperature by sticking its beak into the mound. 

The chicks can fly within hours, as soon as the feathers are dry. They are also very cute!

When you’re in Byron you are almost guaranteed to see a bush turkey! Make sure to take a photo, though its best to leave these beautiful creatures alone 😊

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