Byron Bay- Beautiful Sandcastle building- 10 October 2023

This Tuesday our students spent the afternoon at beautiful Clarke’s beach creating sandcastles!

Img20231010132817 Scaled Img20231010132822 Scaled

Clarke’s Beach is only a quick 10-minute stroll from school.

Img20231010133021 Scaled Img20231010133114 Scaled

Img20231010133124 Scaled Img20231010133329 Scaled

The weather was perfect. Students got creative, utilising buckets, shovels, and their imaginations to build their sandcastles.

Img20231010133357 Scaled Img20231010133608 Scaled

Img20231010135333 01 ScaledWhilst down there, we ran into our surfing students as well!

Img20231010134728 Scaled Img20231010134749 Scaled Img20231010134754 Scaled

Img20231010134804 Scaled Img20231010134951 Scaled

Img20231010135229 Scaled Img20231010135232 Scaled Img20231010133338 1 Scaled Img20231010133357 1 Scaled Img20231010133608 1 Scaled Img20231010133611 1 Scaled Img20231010133849 1 Scaled Img20231010134749 1 Scaled

Img20231010134951 1 Scaled Img20231010135229 1 Scaled Img20231010135232 1 ScaledImg20231010135301 Scaled Img20231010135528 Scaled Img20231010135534 Scaled

Img20231010135622 Scaled Img20231010135954 Scaled

Img20231010140002 Scaled Img20231010140358 Scaled Img20231010140409 Scaled Img20231010140424 ScaledThe creations included a huge turtle and some intricate castles. Img20231010140450 Scaled Img20231010141131 Scaled

Img20231010141612 Scaled Img20231010141613 Scaled Turtle SandcastleIt was a lovely way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.


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