Noosa – Blooming Creativity for Today’s Fun Spring-Inspired Canvas Art Activity – 6 September

Blooming Masterpieces at Lexis English Noosa.

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth, and what better way to celebrate the season of growth and rejuvenation than through art? Lexis English Noosa Campus understands the importance of fostering creativity and cultural exchange among its students. To bring the vibrancy of spring to life.

We organized an exciting canvas art activity that allowed students to express themselves and tap into their artistic potential. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of this creative endeavor and how it brought the beauty of spring to the canvas.

Spring is a season that inspires hope and optimism, with its lush greenery and colorful blossoms. Lexis English Noosa wanted to harness this energy and translate it into art. The canvas art activity was designed to encourage students to observe the local flora, appreciate the changing landscape, and then use their newfound inspiration to create their own masterpieces.

Here is what our students did today:

1- Choosing a drawing which represented spring for them:

In this initial step of the activity, students were encouraged to select an image or drawing that they felt best represented the essence of spring to them. This image would serve as their source of inspiration as they embarked on their creative journey. Whether it was a vibrant flower in full bloom, a blossoming tree, baby animals or a symbol of renewal, each student’s choice was unique and personal. This decision marked the starting point for their canvas art project, allowing them to connect with the beauty of spring in their own way.

2- Transferring the outline of the drawing onto the canvas, using a needle.

Using a thick needle, they meticulously transferred the outlines of their chosen drawings onto their canvas. This step required patience and precision, as the students aimed to capture the intricate details and contours of their selected images.

The needle acted as a tool for tracing, allowing them to create a faint, guiding outline on the canvas. This process ensured that their artwork retained the essence of their chosen spring symbol while providing a framework for their artistic expressions to flourish.

3 – Embroidering!

With the delicate outlines of their spring-inspired drawings transferred onto the canvas, it was time for students to embark on the stitching phase. Armed with sewing threads and needles, they embarked on a creative journey, much like connecting the dots in a fascinating puzzle.

The act of sewing threads onto the canvas not only transformed two-dimensional sketches into textured artworks but also provided a meditative and hands-on experience, deepening their connection to their chosen spring symbols.

4 – Painting and colourings!

This stage allowed them to infuse their pieces with the vibrant colours of the season, from the soft pastels of budding flowers to the bold and energetic shades of spring foliage.

Painting and coloring were not only about adding color to the canvas but also about imbuing their artwork with emotions and personal interpretations. It was a time for self-expression and for students to make their artistic visions bloom.

By the end of this step, each canvas had evolved into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, bursting with the vivid energy of spring, while still retaining the delicate intricacies of their initial drawings and the tactile richness of the stitching.

Check some of the photos from this fun and creative activity:

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5 1

7 1





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Creativity Blooming In Noosa

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