Bhawana delivers a heartfelt poem


Prior to the Christmas Eve Concert Bhawana our Intermediate student from Nepal came to see to ask if she could read a poem that she had written out to her friends as part of the concert. I was very touched by her efforts to write such a beautiful poem and also by her courage in front of her schoolmates.

Here is her wonderful poem:



While I arrived at the first day

I was very nervous and shy

Everywhere different face depressed me

But my lovely teachers impressed me

So thank GV


As a time passed by I knew everyones

And knew that my GV is a big garden and

We are different flowers and my teachers are the best gardeners

So thank GV fiving me a chance to be your partner


Natural beauty of GV

Friendly behavior of friends

Lovely behaviors of teachers

How fast I forget my mom and motherland

Thanks GV providing me good teacher like my parents


As time past climate is hot

It is December 24 in GV

Everyone is enjoying

Everyone is dancing

Nobody is stopping


Music is playing

Everybody is saying “ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”

Thank GV giving me a big chance to observe a great Christmas

Thanks. Merry Christmas.


Thank you Bhawana for your kind words. Andy

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